Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Python Koans - A Great Way to Learn Python!

I just found out about Python Koans by Greg Malcolm (thanks dude) after listening to the from python import podcast podcast (which I find amusing, thanks guys).

It's an awesome way to learn Python. Instead of just reading tutorials and/or books you learn Python by coding.

The interactive tutorial is built around unit-tests and you advance and gain new skills by passing tests and it's really funny. You do learn a lot about the Python language when doing the Koans so I recommend it even if you've been using Python for a while.

Another cool thing is that you learn how to do unit testing in Python, if you're not already familiar with it.


  1. am looking forward to playing with it; thanks

  2. Me too, like i have began to learn PyGtk and working in a Team'sproject ; i'm going to look this.
    That 's a real good idea.
    Thanks for the beginners, the future programmers of Python. <:-)

  3. When you run the script there is a test done by the creator. I have the same thing that he have done in his sample but i can't pass them. An Idea perhaps ?

  4. Can you tell me which test doesn't pass?

    Just copy and paste the output of the test that fails.

  5. So nobody warned me that this isn't just a walk in the park (took me more than a weekend to 'complete'). It teaches some of the deeper features of Python, and isn't really suitable for beginners. It tends to get intense, and I couldn't even finish the very last exercise (too difficult for me).

  6. I can agree, some parts can be/are difficult. If you fail on some tests I think you should be able to comment them out in "python_koans/python X/runner/" and then go on.

    I haven't done the full test-suite myself. I do a couple of them from time to time.

    Even though not all of the tests are suited for beginners, I think that most of the test at the beginning are very good and gives you "aha" experiences :)