Saturday, September 3, 2011

System 76: Linux Devices and Better Business Values

Guest post by Nadia Jones. Look at the end of the post for more info about Nadia.
To the average computer user there are two types of operating systems: Apple and Microsoft. While for the mass market this basically stands true, computer programmers, developers, and techies also recognize Linux as one of the great computer operating systems. Though Linux is not as widespread or popular as Apple or Microsoft, it is just as well-respected (if not more so). There are several reasons that Linux just hasn't become a mass success like other operating systems have. While there are very few companies that produce computers with the Linux OS already installed, System76 does.

Not only is System76 one of the few companies that sells laptops with Linux preinstalled, they are one of the only companies that sells them at reasonably competitive prices. No doubt, these computers will likely cost more than your average Dell because System76 is such a small outfit, but the prices remain extremely reasonable. Selling laptops, desktops, and servers all outfitted with Ubuntu, System76 is a firm believer in Linux as an operating system. As System76 explains, Linux offers stability, security, and the "freedom to use the software you like, the way you like to use it". One of the other big perks about using Linux and all of its machines is that they are completely free. System 76 will provide you with preinstalled applications such as open office suite, Totem and Xine movie players, GIMP image manipulation, and several others.

Moreover, System76 is unique in that they actually do something with your device before they send it to you. Rather than simply installing Ubuntu on the laptop you order and then sending it to you, the System76 people give you their own drivers and special configurations to make your machine run as smoothly and flawlessly as possible. Along with special attention paid to each individual product they ship out, System76 also pays special attention to each of their customers. Because they are such a small company, they are able to offer exceptional customer service. If there is any sort of software or hardware issue, you can email the company and you will receive a personal email back from someone involved with building your computer.

While not everything about these computers and this company is going to work impeccably, their focus on customer service and better business is noteworthy. System76 offers a unique system with customizable approaches. Furthermore, System76 is dedicated to eco-friendly business values, making them not only reliable, but also current and forward thinking. For Linux enthusiasts and newbies alike, System76 is certainly worth a look-see.
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