Friday, November 12, 2010

Nokia Rules!

There's a conference in the southern part of Sweden (Malmoe) called Oredev which I have been attending this week. I was interested in a talk about MeeGo, meet some Nokia people and to attend a two days Qt course.

Nokia had a booth and I was passing by to check out if they had some Qt stickers which I needed for a demonstration (a simple QML app) I was going to show at my employers booth. To my disappointment they had no stickers but instead I had a great chat with one of guys.

We had an interesting and giving chat about Qt, apps, OviStore, Nokia and MeeGo. Suddenly the guy grabs a package and hands it to me, to my surprise I just realized that he gave me a Nokia N8! He smiled at me and told me to make my app available on OviStore.

Now finally Nokia has given me the opportunity to develop apps for mobile devices since I can use Qt (I already made an app w/o owning a device).

I can't wait for MeeGo devices to show up.

Thanks Nokia!


  1. Nokia sure deserves the worth for ruling the cellular companies as they produce quality high-ends phone for meeting daily requirement for everyone !

  2. Nokia is the best for launching mobile with features as well as some of them are inexpensive.

  3. I would always prefer Nokia when I need a Mobile. Nokia really rules. Love your post complimenting Nokia the best brand for Mobiles.