Sunday, October 18, 2009

Back home from ELCE 2009

It has been a great visit to Grenoble. I'm pleased with the conference because most of the sessions were held by developers, which I prefer, and not marketing people. The major focus seemed to be on build systems and reducing boot time. I learned a lot about tools which can give you hints on performance issues etc. Some celebrities also showed up like Jon Masters and Alessandro Rubini.

I assume that the slides from the sessions will be available on the home page so you can take a look at them yourself.

Adeneo had a cool demo of booting up a Linux system with a Qt-app doing 3D (software rendering) in less than 5 seconds. Unfortunately I can't give you a clip since the new blogger editor doesn't support movie clips, or am I wrong?. A picture will do.

The conference had only a little exhibiton hall (which was ok for me) and here's a picture of Free Electrons' booth.

The food was a success! A lot of different finger food and of course wine. Here's an example of what the dessert looked like the second day.

The restroom has a really cool designed washbasin.

As I mentioned before I'm pleased with the conference and I believe I'll attend again next year.

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