Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Nokia N9 and Python

Yet another great day to be a python coder! The new Harmattan/MeeGo device, Nokia N9, will be packed with support for Python!

For more info, look here

Yes, it seems that you can publish your python apps on ovi... Nokia Store too.


nyrath said...

I was happy as well to hear the news. But I fear the N9 is not going to be popular enough to be supported.

Mario said...

Hey, Engadget writes so much good about the device it can't be a failure since they don't really have a track record of liking Nokia nor MeeGo :)

Seriously, my personal opinion is that the decision shouldn't be in Elop's hands... We already know what he's out for

Cool Panda said...

how do you think of Nokia N9's size? I saw a review this morning, saying the most disadvantage of N9 is its bigger size as it is a bit difficult to carry.
Here is the review:
i take is funny. I love its size.

Mario said...

Wow! I mean if the size is the only disadvantage, then it's pretty darn good :)

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